Saturday, July 15, 2017

Comparative Advertising: The Most Powerful and Persuasive Form of Advertising

Currently On The Small Screen

This week I was asked by a student about  an advertisement she had seen recently on television which was directly comparing two forms of painkillers. Namely: Panadol (paracetamol) and Nurofen (Ibuprofen).  
These days we tend to see less and less of this type of head to head, comparative advertising for several reasons. Firstly if you're going to use comparative advertising you need to be fairly certain that your brand is either better than a key rival brand in a key area that holds strong significance to the target market audience or at vet least that you are as good as that rival brand and with this established parity, you can then claim some additional edge in another important aspect of the brand's function and usage.

If you can't do this you need to be careful because this type of promotion is certainly interesting and tends to throw a strong spotlight on both brands as people are always looking to gain some additional insight into which brand is better, by how much and why.

Classic Battle

The classic example of comparative advertising that made ripples globally and lead to formal legal action and a prolonged fight within the courts was that of the “Energizer” television commercial which described how the “Energizer” lasted longer than a “Duracell”.

This is a powerful form of advertising which can build strong, selective demand if a product is perceived as being superior to its opposition. Overall competitive advertising is used after a product class has been established and the general public has become reasonably familiar with it and consequently wants to purchase the product.

The Need For Differentiation

I have always advocated of course that every brand regardless of its origin, market or size, should always to continue to develop its own genuine point of difference that is meaningful, sustainable and relevant to the target markets unmet need.

If as the guiding mind of your business or brand you pursue this goal and develop a reasonably significant point of  difference, you will always be well rewarded by astute use of direct comparative advertising, but I stress that this will only work if your USP is a strong one that has already been established and is valued by the market.

So for now, think about every aspect of your brand and how it differs from the  opposition and consider how each key difference can be best utilised to drive your core promotional messages more effectively.  Let us know what you come up with.

And until next time, good luck and good marketing.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Why Blogging Is So Popular and Effective

Blogging is the most popular thing in the web market. Many small entrepreneurs make use of blogs for promoting their business. Blog is usually considered to be the first step of getting into the internet business. Many small entrepreneurs earn huge money from their blogs. Let us learn the top 10 reasons to use blog marketing for promoting your internet business.

1. Cheap or Free way of Marketing

Many blog hosting services are free. At the most they are cheap. Blog is a good way of promoting your website as well as products. It is the most cost-effective option of internet business. Blogs are informative and directly interact with the viewers. Therefore, blogs give authenticity to the web business. Blogs help in creating brand name for any internet business. No wonder this reason tops our list of top 10 reasons to use blog marketing

2. Brilliant platform to create a wide network

All kinds of internet businesses need to maintain interactions and network with other corporations and consumers. However, remaining in touch with all of them is not possible. Therefore, maintaining a blog that is updated regularly will come in as handy. Blogs can reach thousands of targeted readers at any time in any place.

3. Superior company presence

Blog marketing increases visibility of your internet business or brand. Whenever anyone is looking out for a particular product or service, your brand will come first in their mind. Other than this, if you have a blog that it is attached to your main website then it can contain links to other pages of your website. On the other hand, a non-attached blog is directly linked to the site. When you get familiar with blogging you can also exchange links with other high PR blogs for getting good search engine results and quality traffic.

4. Enhanced product or service popularity

Blog marketing give popularity to your products. People trust blogs more easily than they trust your website. Blogs can be the main window for educating consumers or clients about your products or services in a very effective manner. You can also add interactive features to your blog for making it more user-friendly and thus, enhancing your credibility.

If you don’t have the time for maintaining such a blog then hiring bloggers for this purpose will prove to be highly beneficial. These bloggers who have a good professional experience can give engaging and proper information of your products and services.

5. Ameliorated brand or company name

Blog marketing accelerates personal interactions with the consumers. The tone and style of the blog articles and the blog introduces as well as forms a connection between you and the consumers. This makes them get closer to you and gain an in-depth understanding of the kind of products that you sell or the services that you offer. A regularly updated blog builds a strong relationship with the consumers. The relationship gets even stronger if the comments are answered regularly.

6. Increased consumer communication and bonding

One of the main reasons to use the blog marketing is to know your consumer opinions, likes and dislikes through comment feature. If your products or services need improvement of any kind then you will not have to conduct any survey or research; you will come to know it directly through your comments section. Other than complaints, you can get compliments as well.

7. Pulling heaving heavy relevant traffic

Blogs always increase your website, product, internet business or any business popularity if the links are placed in the blog posts. Of course, for getting traffic quality posts are a must. But the traffic that is sent from your blog is usually convertible. Blogs actually sell products and that is why many companies hire bloggers for selling their products.

8. Viral effect through mouth publicity

When people read about your product, if you are able to convince through your blog posts; you will get free publicity when they tell their friends. So, this viral effect will increase your sales. Word of mouth marketing is very effective and you can capture this market with the help of your blog. If you share personal experiences with the readers, you can create affinity between your readers and you, and this affinity will help you to increase the sales of your product.

9. Improving the search engine presence of your site

A very well search engine optimized blog that is attached to your website adds to the search engine presence of your site. Content containing quality information and specific keywords will give your internet business or website an extra edge. You must make use of appropriate tools to spot specific keywords for including in your blog posts. Your blog title and posts both must contain the main keyword.

10. High rate of viewers converting into buyers

Blogs that contain specific or targeted keywords and have engaging informative content provide traffic that ends up buying your products or services. Search engine optimized blogs provide traffic or readers who are looking out for specific products or services. If the content or blog posts are able to build relations with the readers such readers are easily converted into buyers.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Differentiation Through Higher Levels of Customer Service, Consistency and Business Values

Same old, same old.

For the most part, the majority of businesses have little if any real obvious differentiation when it comes to key rivals that they compete with within their local market. 

 The sad result of this being that usually the consumer in the absence of any compelling point of difference, understandably resorts to simply comparing prices to determine which option provides them with better value, which in turn leads to price wars that systematically drain all profitability out of markets and leave all players vulnerable to anyone that can lower the price below the current level regardless of quality, value and consistency of delivery.

 Any Market Offering Can Be Differentiated

 I'm pleased to say that recently I saw a new business first hand that is certainly doing all it can to change this scenario described above for the better. Specifically Todd Newton and Sophie LeForest  (pictured above) are at the leading edge of the South Caulfield Branch of Hocking Stuart Real Estate base at 616 Glenhuntly Rd, Caulfield VIC 3162. Phone: (03) 8532 5200

In recent times Todd was presented a real challenge of selling a charming and classic period style home in an area where most buyers were looking for newer largely, modern homes with more 'mod cons' and less intrinsic appeal.  A difficult task and in fact the very act of selling at all had proven too difficult for others recently in the same street as multiple properties had been passed in at auction.

Accordingly Todd and Sophie  began by crafting a brilliantly descriptive pieces on the home that along with the pictures, beautifully captured the home's intrinsic beauty and elegance whilst outlining all the authentic features and specifics that would provide potential buyers with a rare property with so much obvious value.

As well as this master stroke, Todd also arranged for a well though out advertising campaign to run concurrently through the key outlets including specialist press, corporate website, direct mail and outdoor signage, all strategically designed to provide promotional support for the target market.

From the point of view of home inspections again Todd and Sophie left no stone upturned with a  well timed series of planned and extended, open inspections along with any additional personlised visits with one on one inspections as requested and required.

Filling Customer Needs
 In every instance Todd was ensuring that the specific needs of the target market were being fully recognised and met. This distinctive property was a classic case of a niche market. To sell it at the right price, Todd brought all his proven expertise and experience to bare and designed a game plan that would appeal to that specific individual that was interested in this type of property.

Todd Newton
Sophie LeForest

From a personal point of view  I rarely get to see such a  high level of professionalism, attention to detail and above all commitment and consistency in service delivery. Todd and Sophie's open, honest and transparent approach created an optimal environment for effective negotiation, that ultimately lead to a‘Win, Win’ situation for both the Vendor and Purchaser. 

This values based approach is a case study in itself of how intelligent planning and strategy can drive genuine and meaningful differences that provide customers with the outcomes that they value.

Certainly even in markets that are largely though to be generic, people make all the difference.
That is to say the right people who have the knowledge, experience and proven track record, that are above all are committed to working with you to achieve your goal. 

Todd and Sophie are examples of those rare people who have truly raised the bar in this industry and should act as a guide for other businesses to follow. 

So until next time, good luck and good marketing.