What is your marketing objective

As marketers we are all aware that we need to understand what any promotional tactic is trying to achieve before it even begins. Namely the promotional or marketing objective for that promotional activity. Google have now announced that to aid product managers in providing better alignment between these goals and the Google Ads that are being set up by businesses through the Google Display Network, it will now allow the campaign manager to nominate what the key objective is.
Depending on the nature of the business the key objective will vary of course. For example for an online lender it will be to funnel qualified leads to the corporate website and provide personal details through a capture page that will drive a face to face meeting.

 Whereas for a stationery retailer with thousands of stock items, it may be to drive actual eCommerce on the website and subsequent fulfillment of orders.
Whereas car retailers want potential owners to gain a better understanding of the range of cars, colours, features and prices that are available for them through the business.

Specific Focal Point Chosen

Based on this diversity Google have now unveiled an exciting new, easier approach that will allow you to build Google Display Campaigns where you can proactively choose the specific focus for your campaign based on these underlying promotional objectives.

This updated settings options is a natural extension of these different types of promotional aims and helps to provide key support in driving positive outcomes in one of the following three ways.
  • Building better awareness: E.g. The Automobile show room wanting to position and promote its' new range of vehicles
  • Influence consideration: E.g. A service provider that wants to demonstrate the level and consistency of service through the validation of numerous glowing endorsements on site.
  • Drive action: E.g. A Caravan parts and accessories business that wants to drive the purchase of actual sales parts through the site via Magento, PayPal or other payment gateway.

As an advertiser you will be able to select your primary promotional objective on AdWords and the program will align you to most relevant bid settings and key word targeting for your needs.

To illustrate this, if your aim is to build awareness for a new product or brand that has little or no unprompted recall, AdWords will show bidding on viewable impression link which is designed to help to maximise the reach of ad campaign you are wanting to run.

Alternatively if your goal is to promote actual back end sales from the site, AdWords will show CPC Bidding so you pay only when a user is interested enough to click on your ad and be taken directly to your purpose designed landing page where they will have the option of buying the product.

Simplifying keyword selection and audience targeting

Additionally Google have also announced that it will be simpler to create keyword lists for your Display campaigns now with the updated process.

All that is required is that you provide your landing page URL and AdWords will automatically create suggested keyword that are personalised based directly on the  content of the landing page.

As an example a bread shop may have words such as: fresher bread, widest range of bread or healthiest bread, depending on what is actually written on the site's landing page.

As well Google will also display in-market and affinity audience ideas also based directly on your landing page content. As an example a comic book shop wanting collectors to visit their store may, AdWords may come up with comic book inspections as a possible search term that can be used.

Total Control of Campaign

As always, Google allow the promoter running the campaign to have full control of the campaign specifics where any changes that the business wants to make over time can always be mage quickly and easily. Importantly over time as the businesses position changes you will also be able to maintain or change your stated marketing objective or perhaps with no marketing objective if you prefer to do so.

Regardless then of what your product is, how long it has been on the market, its' cost or the nature of the market in which you operate, it is even simpler now to use the Google advertising tools and  perfectly align your campaign settings to your stated marketing goals.

As always should you wish to learn any more about marketing or any aspect of social or digital marketing just contact up directly and we will be pleased to discuss your needs further on: http://www.roadscholarstraining.com/services/accredited-courses.html

So until next time, good luck and good marketing.