Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What Is the The Most Powerful Form of Product Advertising

There are several types of product advertising that can be effectively applied to help promote any businesses products.The key types are: Pioneering, Competitive, Reminder and Comparative Advertising.

Pioneering Advertising which attempts to create demand for an overall product type rather than a specific brand of product. It is used to build awareness and inform potential customers about new products on the market.  An example of pioneering advertising would be advertising to promote DVD players, where initially the object was not to promote a particular brand but the new concept of the DVD player itself i.e. to build primary demand.

Competitive Advertising which unlike pioneering advertising which aims to build primary demand, competitive advertising attempts to build demand for a specific product brand.  This is called secondary demand.  Relating this to the earlier example of the DVD player it can be seen that as the general public gradually becomes more aware and informed regarding DVD technology, advertising then attempts to push specific brands and models to its target markets.

Reminder Advertising is used by firms who have well established brands on the market and desire to keep the product’s name continually in the public eye.  The classic example of this form of advertising is: Coca-Cola advertising.  Here is an example of a product which is the market leader (world-wide) and yet its makers understand the need for continual, reminder advertising to keep the product constantly in the minds of its target audience.

Comparative Advertising where some businesses who believe their particular brand of product is superior, deploy a specific form of competitive advertising called comparative advertising which puts the advertising product head to head with the competitor.  An example of this is the “Energizer” television commercial which describes how the “Energizer” lasts longer than a “Duracell”.  This is a powerful form of advertising which can build strong, selective demand if a product is perceived as being superior to its opposition. Overall competitive advertising is used after a product class has been established and the general public has become reasonably familiar with it and consequently wants to purchase the product.

 In the end the best and most powerful type of product advertising depends on the nature of your product and the advertising objectives you have put in place to drive your strategy to achieve your objectives.

Injecting a personal note,  believe strongly despite what I have just written above that for those businesses that have worked hard on establishing a genuine point of difference that is meaningful, sustainable and relevant to the target markets unmet need, they will always be well rewarded by astute use of direct comparative advertising, but I stress that this will only work if your USP is a strong one that has already been established and is valued by the market.

So for now, think about each type of advertising discussed above and consider how could each type be better utilised to drive your core promotional messages more effectively.  Let us know what you come up with.

And until next time, good luck and good marketing.