Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Customer service from the top shelf

Occasionally you meet someone who does their job so well that it simply needs to be spoken about in the hope that it will raise the bar for others to follow.

Recently whilst shopping for a new mattress I happened to come across a store that in all honesty I had not heard of before, namely Regal Bedding located in Princes Highway, Springvale; as part of the impressive Home Maker Centre which includes a plethora of complementary businesses.

Suffice to say I know very little about beds and was only armed with the knowledge that my mattress needed replacing after 17 years of use.
Thankfully I met a lady called Christine who exemplifies what true customer service is about or perhaps more aptly, should be about.
Her initial approach was warm and friendly. Her demeanor one of respect and genuine interest that was clearly focused on the needs of the customer and not the business.

Based on Caroline’s specialised and comprehensive product knowledge and through a process of discussion, demonstration and trial, I was able to explore all the options and narrow down the choice to those options that were optimal for my particular, back, weight, height, etc. And again with the Similarly with the pillow, exactly the same process lead to another perfect outcome.
Suffice to say I was thrilled with the level of service, the price and above all, with the product that will hopefully provide me with years of restful sleep to come.
Thanks Caroline. You really know your stuff.
And until next time, good luck and good marketing.