Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Facebook Feature for Marketers: Lookalike Audiences

Marketers have always need ed the ability to communicate with the right target audience for their firm or brand or product in general. Essentially making sure that the right message gets to the right people tin the right way is a key success factor for any business.  To help achieve this, Facebook are announcing the world wide release of the new feature: Lookalike Audiences, which is a specific targeting tool designed to allow businesses the ability to reach more prospects that are similar to their current customers.

Specifically Lookalike Audiences helps you reach prospects that you believe mirror customers who may have similar demographic or psychographic characteristics, to existing paying customers. The new option forms part of the: Power Editor functionality and is now available.

Up till now, you could choose your demographics and show your ads to Facebook users. Facebook now allows you to nominate existing customers,  and Facebook will show your ad to those it believes share common attributes as those existing customers.

This looks like an exciting new initiative by Facebook and we will look with interest with our clients to see how effective it is in driving new sales for their products.

And until next time, good luck and good marketing.